Friday, September 29, 2006


It’s such as stormy day today. Signal no. 3 ngayon sa manila at pampanga which means walang pasok. Yes!

…….i know it’s mean to wish that “milenyo” would be so hard especially when I know that a lot of people are suffering it’s bad effects, are losing their homes and God forbid even their lives. But just because im not really feeling its effects doesn’t mean I don’t feel it at all. Nyah. I notice a lot of sentence errors there but im too lazy to even edit them so I’ll just let them be.

*im so tired kahapon I thought I might need to be confined! Imagine playing basketball for three consecutive games lasting about 25 minutes each with only 3 minutes rest in between? Talk about exhaustion. Tas yung mga nakalaro pa naman were so aggressive sa bola. nung last Wednesday, when we played against najee, nag-eenjoy pa ako kasi mas madami pang tawa kaysa sa seriousness. Although we beat them,,, obvious na wala lang. they just don’t care. Yung next game namen where we lost was just excusable dahil were playing with a guy na MVP lang naman ng basketball. Tas yung game 3 nga namen yesterday was so ewan. One girl was so aggressive na naka-jumpball na niya lahat ng kateamates ko including me. talagang nang-aagaw ng bola but it’s ok lang naman. We still finished victorious! The game 4 was one of the most intense games talaga kasi they are very serious in winning. Although meg and I suffered injuries this time, we never let our team down. Sobrang bagsik ng defense ni mariel that there was LITERALLY no way for you to pass the ball. I love her for that! Tas naman **** and *** were parang galit nag galit na talagang inaagaw na yung bola. that happened so many times that’ s why we always have the turnovers which obviously made us again the winner. I actually felt like I shoved something down their necks hahah! Game 5 was again a funny game kasi relax nalang kami. We even made tesa shoot the ball eh. Haha. Basta yun.

MORAL: some people will literally kill you just to win one measly game.

….im eating an ice cream today!

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