Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Whoa. Time flies super fast and it’s September… BER months are here now,, and speaking of the nearing Christmas rush...I was in the mall when I heard “tayo na giliw, magsama na tayo….” Haha. And the wind is getting colder na… yaay..

Christmas is near na nga oh.

I can’t believe it that time can go that fast… parang kailan lang when I was vacationing my heart out in tagaytay and baguio and then school opened and then the centennial celebration and then before I knew it eto na… it’s September… Only 3 months before Christmas, 4 months before 2007, 5 months before valentines and prom and 6 months before my 17th birthday and finally,,, im saying goodbye to highschool forever. Oohh..

That sounds creepy.

Share ko lang: nung nag library period kami last tym, I got the chance to chat with the acts.. saya nga kase after 3 years, we are all classmates again.. (we are the star section then and now eh) oion.. in the words of ms. Pangan.. kahit na di tayo super close friends, bonded parin tayo by the memories.. totoo pala yun. The feeling when you step back in time to cherish and savor every bits of your past is so sweet I wish I could freeze it right there and there. Haha. Ang saya nun.

Like with this ms. Pangan. Ms. Pangan and I used to be BFF (I suppose you know what this means people!) until some wrecked memory brought havoc and tinted our innocent friendship. We didn’t talked for almost 2 years and it was in freshmen when we finally allowed ourselves to lower our pride and apologize for whatever happened then. Even I, myself cannot remember what exactly is the reason that caused our fight. It was a very petty fight yet hurtful words have to be said and promises have to be broken.

Three years later, ms. pangan and I are classmates for I guess the last time. I’m not her best friend anymore and so is she in my life today. But inspite of the huge gap that separated us apart, I know that what I am would partly be attributed to her, like it or not. I guess thats what people do to your life; they walked in, teach you a lesson or two and move on with their lives. I like to think that, that is exactly what happened to the two of us.

Thanks ms. Pangan..

I know it’s a bad analogy but you get the idea naman.

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