Thursday, June 01, 2006


I went yesterday to the hospital to get my skin checked because of the super smoldering summer we all had. Now meeting with my uber prof mom (she’s the head nurse) we went to the ground ground floor where dr. emerlinda is waiting for us. She spent half an hour asking normal stuffs and making jokes as if we were kindergarten classmates. Haha.

Then she elaborates more about the skin test I will undergo then. Specifically called a prick test, it’s designated to find out which among allergens are you allergic with. This test is divided into 3 categories that I dunno what. And each category has 20 kinds of specimens/allergens. Now here’s the catch: to each 20 specimens/allergens a needle will be dipped into it and later on be “prick” as in TUSOK to your skin. So that means my skin will be pricked by simple math calculations 60 times with different whatnots that I might possibly be allergic. Ok. Big deal, so much for my fear of needles.

Seeing my panicked face, mom came to the rescue. She asked if I just take one category of allergens first instead of taking the whole panel as the doctor called it. She agreed. Whoohoo!! Now I just have to deal with 20 needle pricks. When everything was done I saw 20 little dots on my skin turning red and big and blotchy. Some of them are even begging to be scratched BUT I hold them all off. Whaaa for 20 long and agonizing minutes. When it was now REALLY done. Results shows im allergic to the ff.:

-bermuda grass and any kind of grass

so there. 40 pricks to go

current mood: prick