Thursday, June 29, 2006

*kinikilig ako*

one afternoon

HIM: “yes Jackie”
(I hate being called Jackie since it connotes sugary sweet image)
ME: (I didn’t say anything rather look at his almond shaped eyes)
HIM: “you don’t like Jackie?”
ME: “no po..”
HIM: “bat ayaw mo ng Jackie?”
ME: heheh…. (I simply smiled and he returned it naman!!)

And still one afternoon

HIM: “Jackie..”
ME: (looks up to him and gives him the same cute look) haha am I flirting here??
CLASSMATES: “whhhhhhhhoooooooooooyyyyyyy” haha
HIM: “ayaw mo ng Jackie? Gusto ko ang Jackie eh!”
ME: “ows talaga?? damn! Ako din… I like you!!!!!!!!” (of course, sa isip ko lang ito!)


para sa iyo!! Jackie na lang!! haha… ano ba ito??

Crazy jacq. Pheww..

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