Wednesday, May 31, 2006

I will blog again...

It was immobile for the whole month of May because our net was busted and I was VERY busy!! And due to that many feelings and experiences were bottled up but I can’t very well tell everything in details right? I have short-term amnesia, soorie! So here are some bytes and tidbits of everything under me!

One embarrassing moment that happened this summer was one afternoon when I was crossing a busy street. I was halfway there when suddenly, I tripped! Yes friends.. in the middle of the street with all the cars and people looking. And take note.. there wasn’t any hole or banana feeling or anything that might caused the fall no nothing. My stupidity just happened to be allergic today!! I heard everyone say “ay!” and due to shame I just hurriedly stood, brushed my knees and walk away. Simple and the world continues.

We’ve been to EK like a week and a half ago. It was the annual summer trip of where my mom work and we tag along. We went to tagaytay too and saw where Claudine Barreto was wed. Nice place it almost blew me away. At the picnic grove, I was scared of slipping down the super steep slopes and after the very long walk in eco-trail (1.7 km I think?) I forgot I was in tagaytay and it was supposes to be cold. Then we also saw the pineapple places and there were in this hill. This hill is covered with rows of maturing “pineapples”. I’m just wondering how did those planters even reached the top of the hill since it was so steep. But their pines are so sweet!! The juices are dripping as we ate them back here. After this was the EK experiences and I rode everything twice except the water rides. Mom convinced me to try space shuttle. My heart literally stopped as I heard the levers pull loose and do the twist and turns. I can’t stopped shouting especially when for a split second I felt the bars coming loose. Oh well one extra challenge accomplished.!

My sister Jonida Sofia Christine is one heck of a brave girl. She was given a ride all ticket to EK but I thought na hindi naman niya sasakyan lahat. Boy, was I wrong! She rode the mini roller coaster, rio grande, the huge swing, log jam and space shuttle with me. After the ride, she was telling everyone her back was broken and her famous line “napaiyak ako pero walang tumulong luha!” hehe. Crazy

It was just an ordinary day when suddenly mom called me and told me to enroll my siblings. She gave me instructions and told me to hold on to the money with dear might. OA ka mommy!! And what lang naman I was holding 100 000 in my bag!! I was nervous as to how to count the money since I fear as what will mom do to me if it was stolen!

A long time friend of mine turned foe texted me and say she wanted to patch things up. I received the text early but replied late since I don’t know as to how to deal with it. Finally I replied that we have to talk first about what happen and she agreed. Ok. We are currently fixing things up and hope that it will be for the better knowing that it’s the last year for us… hehe!!

I despised the lack of justice and equality here in the city!! Kasi one morning I was walking and I saw some LTO officers who are inspecting drivers if they are wearing their seatbelts. Good, I told to myself at least EVAT has some good results! But then I saw them stop a tricycle driver since obviously he has no belt but then the Honda civic and other cars after him that wasn’t wearing ANY seatbelt was able to escape the ticket!! I was furious! Is this the kind of people we expect to protect us and make sure we are safe and blah?? There were many of them and yet they focused on the tricycle leaving the other cars free. What the heck!! I will not be surprised if our country will not just make it. Just look around and you will see!!

I am doing PROTECH yeah!! Sa gemsville… the schedule is Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday form 1pm to 5pm well… this is already good compared to the mwf 8am to 5pm the LTC offers!! And im having a hard time. Honestly! I can’t seem to remember my lessons from frosh to junior! Oh my, im in trouble especially MATH. By the way im a loner here. No one near and close!!

I attended a seminar about catechesis and was excited for what is to come. Although there were horror stories na sinabi. I was still positive. I have lots of plans for my future students!! But most of all, I want to also learn from them. Learning is a two way process and I am very motivated by that!! Haha.

Walkathon with a friend for about 2 hours is good especially if you two hadn’t see each other for quite some time now. We were basically just talking, reminiscing and laughing ourselves off while eating lunch and burning calories. We found six cats and one of them was inside a closed sack. Poor cat. He also told me that another friend “kath” was going to stay in states for good na. haay.. I wasn’t able to say a proper goodbye!!

Another friend said goodbye to me too as she left for states. The night before, we were just txting each other and savoring every last moment we have. Too bad I have to sleep early. When I woke up, there was a txt that is telling me she was already In the airport and finally she told me she was on board and is ready for take off. Well will see each other in 5 years I guess and I know by then everything will never be the same again.

Ok im glad that bam and nina are finally out!! There so feeling papansin and scene stealers!! Nina is so OA!! And doesn’t she know decent clothing? Yeah I know she’s pretty and skinny but she doesn’t have to show it by always wearing the same white shorts!! Hanggang sa labas ng bahay ni kuya think the buzz and homeboy yun paren suot niya!! Oh well, she said she was poor and probably proving to everyone she is!! But I like mikki and aldred… mikki is so cute and pretty!! :)

Erik mana! The man of my psychic life!! my god I had watched his show and talagang anong nangyari? I literally saw the coin drop from his hand!! Pinaka freaky yung sa video with samara!! Sumigaw talaga ako!! Hehe.. I wish I have that one chance to talk to him and kukulitin ko siya talaga kung paano niya talaga ginagawa!! Haha.

Lapit na ang school. Haay.. excited? Anxious? Nervous? Whaaaaaah. One last. Hehe… give it the best shot men’ itodo na to. It feels like a lifetime ago, everything that happened I mean. Blurred images of past rush by… wow can’t believe that much happened. Well ganon yata talaga. One big shot deal and then it ends. Boom tick tock..

Ay,,, I started to keep a diary again. Wala lang. I just wanted to write again. Sabi ko kase noon sa last entry sa diary ko eh Im going back someday when everything is a-ok! Well yun lang tsaka yun. Na miss ko ang pagsusulat ng kababawan tulad nito haha.. tsaka I fear na baka pag di nako nagsulat eh mawala talent ko. Parang something to that content and I might as well as die rather than lose it!! Whaa I can’t imagine life without pen and paper… ay baliw na talaga ako!!