Thursday, June 22, 2006

Once upon a time when it was economics class, there was little jacq, hopelessly staring at her econ teacher and at the same time very happy because her day went super well!! (haha in between upcat and math works) but then...

the nasty librarian visited us and said that liitle jacq has to come to the principal's office with her calculator. little jacq was very sad and at the same time nervous! what the hell is going on!!

in between doubts and uncertainty little jacq went there and peeking at the small windows sge saw 2 unwanted unknown persons!!! those persons you prefer seeing dead and agonizing! what the hell are they doing here in her school? the nerve and thickness of face!

anyways she didn't mind them and went inside anyway and guess what???

the people looking for little jacq are the same as those waiting outside for her!!

what a cruel pathetic lame bait for her to have~

so she did the next big thing *******tooot******** (im sorry, just too personal to be retold,,, she stills get angry and tear eyed when i remember it)

and so little jacq went on her way, never looking back.............