Sunday, October 02, 2011

The Nursing Licensure Exam Post

Yes, late as it might seem I am still going to post something about this!

So we decided to stay in a hotel because the school where I am supossed to take it was very far and I don't want to add more pressure on my nerves by being late. We were there by friday afternoon and I could remember that it was a rainy day. When we arrived, I immediately ate my packed snacks while watching TV. Then we went out to eat dinner. I remember not being able to sleep well (who would be able to sleep well rigggggghht?) and I didn't even review. I was so nervous, my heart will burst out any moment. LOL.

Day 1:
I woke up early because it was very very cold!! I forced myself to take a bath and go down to have my breakfast. The food was so good but all I can taste is MS, OB, PSYCH, CHN and FNP. lol. When I arrived there, there was a really loooooooong line of people waiting to enter. My room was almost full and I was one of the last to arrive (you see, that is the down time of being so near the place, you feel you will not be late because you are just in the vicinity only to still arrive late kkkkkkk!) and my instinct was to make friends with people sharing my last name! Because HEY!! it is not everyday that you see 5-8 people all sharing your last name! But they all looked like they are about to be slaughtered so I just shut my mouth. Looking around the room, I realized that I am lucky to be in St. Joseph College because the room was airconditioned and there was even a water dispenser! Thank you Lord for those small comforts in life while my other friends are in public schools where they are dying of humid and all they had were chairs fitted for preschool people!
When I was finally given my paper, I DIED. I had to read the first question for like 5 minutes and look at the questions after then back to the question. It was so hard! FNP is so freaking hard! :( This part is super hard!! The CHN-OB-PEDIA part was the easiest part for me and this has always been my forte!! I went home for lunch (I forgot what I had, I think its jollibee?) and came back for the real war. MS! but OMO SESANGNE, it had all this ENTREPRNURSE thingy and my head was starting to hurt from all this reading and thinking. Really, the questions would consist of 5 sentences long paragraph and when you read the question, you would be like "HUH? why like that?" LOL Moments! One thing that got me very hysterical was a question about Meniere's disease and I coulndn't remember the answerrrrrrr! BOO! So I finished early I think and raced back home to grovel. I ate dinner (For the love of sanity, yes its jollibee again, same food also) and instead of reviewing, I surfed the net, downloaded all Hyun Bin stuffs while watching PGT specials! I slept late again!

Day 2:
Day 2 was more relaxed because I have conquered the first 3 tests and I am just hours away from ending this trial. I woke up, showered and ate breakfast heartily now. I like their breakfast! It was EAT ALL YOU CAN pala btw. lol I was early today and so was the proctor and he chatted with us while waiting for the papers. He told us that we could be teachers and lawyers and whatever else if we didn't have any jobs soon. He was so funny, he took all the nervous energy from us! When the test started, I was less nervous but not so confident also. Test 5 was the hardest for this day and I was so drained by the 80th question I can feel my brain literally crawling to the 100th question. I didn't even review my answers and just submitted my paper. I went to the CR, changed clothes and checked out with mom. Then it was time to go home and wait for 2 months as PRC/BON decides on my license.

As I looked back, I always believe that I would pass the exam. Even when I know that I got most of the answers on the THINK. NOTHING COMES TO MIND. GUESS theory, I had strong beliefs that I would be able to make it. Blame it maybe for the Thomasian Upbringing and for my sure confidence but yeah, I nailed this test. But that is not enough for me to change my mind on what I said before that it is indeed that 500 HARDEST QUESTIONS A NURSE WOULD HAVE TO ANSWER IN HIS/HER LIFE.


Someone texted me that resuts would come out at around 4pm and I was out with my Korean students at this time. I am so nervous and excited suddenly that I lost all my focus and energy to play with them. Finally when we are on our way to drop them off, my friend said the results can now be viewed. Upon reaching E4U, I went online and saw 99.79% passing rate for UST! We already know beforehand that one of us wasn't able to finish the test so this just means one thing! I PASSED! but ofcourse, I want to see my name first and didn't want to assume anything. I raced to a computer shop and in my excitement looked at DECEMBER 2010 results! I almost cried when I didn't see my name but when I didn't see my friend's names either, that's when I realize that I was in the wrong site. LOL.

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