Sunday, October 02, 2011

Hello October!

I know that I should have updated my blog eons ago (since I promised when I revived this) but right after boards, I got so busy with work, waiting for results and then work again in another setting. I am so blessed that up to this point, I don't know what did I do to deserve such huge amount of blessigs!

This part chronicles my adventures when I was looking for a job for my bum months after the licensure exams!

So okey, let's start, days before taking the board exam. I am deathly afraid of being a bum after it that I spend many days looking for a prospective job instead of reviewing. My choices? Be a call-center agent or a tutor/Korean teacher. The latter seems more enticing because as much as possible, I want to stay away from that field. I won't be able to stand the killer schedule. So to the Koreans I go! I applied to 3 schools and all 3 called me back! The first one was good but it was very far from my house and pay was kinda bad too. So I went to the next school and this is where I would have wanted to work since the school is just starting and I would be one of the first teachers! Plus, the test score that I got was one of the highests I ever had! He told me to come back after my board exam. But, I now remember that before I went to that school, I also applied in another school that was very near my house (like 15 mins. away) and also passed the exam and interview! (The interview was very weird I tell you people!) I didn't expect to be calleed back since in the interview, I wasn't able to answer one question!The question? "what is the difference between LOOK, SEE and WATCH? lol but on July 1, they did call me back for an orientation. Now, I know that I like the 3rd school better but the owner said that he would just call me back after my boards. And that to me, didn't sound too appealing. Plus, my mother said that I should go with whoever comes first since that is a sure job. So in the end, yes, I chose to work in E4U English Center.

And I had no regrets choosing to work there. Why? Lemme enumerate them for you
  • I met a lot of new friends
  • A lot of good and not so good memories
  • My students all love me and I believe they learned a lot from me!
  • It is at this place when I learned I passed the Licensure exam
  • This job led me to my next job

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