Monday, June 20, 2011

My Current Addiction: The Hallyu Wave

So, instead of studying my head and butt off for the boards, here I am hopelessly captured by this series. I know I sweared to high heavens I will be a topnotcher and all but I can be a topnotcher while still enjoying life right? And life for me nowadays is drowning myself in this very thing I again vowed never to be a part of-- the Hallyu wave.
The addiction started in our condo while the summer review was ongoing and since seeing the pilot episode, I was hooked. Kim Joo Won is my type of guy to hate and love. He is rude and talkative and a brat (with great emphasize on brat again) but Hyun Bin plays him so well so he's now LOVEABLE. lol And I love the body-swapping experience it makes me fall out of my seat laughing again and again! Ha Ji Won is good as well but Hyun Bin is the best in gender-bending scenes.
Ofcourse, the plot is a cliche most of the time but the drama infused both old and new antics which was made me cried and laughed with it as well.
And the ending? Definitely one of the most heart-touching and heart-fluttering that I've seen. A wedding (that didn't seem like one and is rare in K-dramas), beautiful children and a story to seal their fated love. I even love the part where up to the very end, the mother of Kim Joo Won never gave her blessing. It's such a wonderful reminder that even if all ends well, some bitterness would be hard to erase in the real world.
This series gave me a very very good summer and feeling that it merited a download from my laptop, Raleina Simone.

P.S. I am now in the process of learning Hangul! My ultimate dream is that one day, I can turn off the subtitles in my dvd and just listen to them talk. EPIC. AJA. FIGHTING!

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