Sunday, April 17, 2011

Post-graduation Blues

I have just come from yet another round of all the graduation parties in honor of my friends who are truly free from college. And much as I am super happy that this part of their life is over and done with, I feel envious because they could finally put a period to this chapter in their life and move on. While I gets to spend an extra 4 months reviewing for the licensure exams and another 4 months waiting for the results. Waiting as I've always said is the most tiring thing to do especially if it will determine your 4 year's worth of tertiary education. I am confident that with God's grace I will be able to pull it off but well, I am sucky at pumping up my self-esteem. I want to move on and do those things that I love to do. I want to chase my other and REAL dreams. I want to put and end to this nursing choice and do what my heart's beating for and I can only truly do this once I passed my board exams. But passing isn't my only dream but to top it as well. (hence the picture of top 10 hehe)

My friends are all going into exciting new paths. One is going to med school, one is already working and would enter law school come June and two are just waiting for their contracts to be formalized. And me? well, I am the one who hadn't still really figured out what to do after all this nursing stuff. I sure don't want to stay at home 24/7 for that will definitely drive me and my mom crazy but I honestly don't know where to go from here. Maybe a few months after this and I would be presented with better options.

So for now, I am stucked to admiring my friends who are already finding their place under the mighty sun and patiently wait till it's my rightful turn.

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