Thursday, March 31, 2011


March 30, 2011- officially I am Jacqueline Licup Y Reyes, B.S.N.

Thank you UST for the education! You might seem unreasonable and unfair but at the end, I know its only EXCELLENCE you want to impart. To all the teachers, friends, patients and mentors, thank you for all the lessons and experience.

Thank you Mom and Dad for everything. As in everything. All that I am and have achieved points out to you being given by God. Maraming salamat sa pagiintindi, pagaalaga, suporta at pagmamahal.

Isa nalang, R.N. na lang at tapos nako sayo Nursing. One last shot, Topnotcher pa kung pwede. God help me!

UST 2007-0017** SIGNING OFF

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