Thursday, November 02, 2006

I don’t usually put song lyrics on my blog since I feel na it’s so BADUY and there are many more sensible things to write about than some song’s lyrics ano?

Now what am I just doing huh???

Okay, forgive me for what im about to do and for breaking my self-imposed rule… I just need to get this out of my chest! I’ve been humming this tune nonstop since last week I thought im going berserk.. oh well, I must be forgiven because it’s been another year when I lost the boy that I thought was my one great true love and no, it’s not and will never gonna be you PAENG!!

By: Oliver James
Thank you for this momentI've gotta say how beautiful you areOf all the hopes and dreams I could've prayed forThere you areIf I could have one dance foreverI would take you by the handTonight it's you and I togetherI'm so glad, I'm your manAnd if I lived a thousand yearsYou know, I never could explainThe way I lost my heart to youThat dayBut if destiny decidedI should look the other wayThen the world would never knowThe greatest story ever toldAnd did I tell you that I love you tonight?I don't hear the musicWhen I'm looking in your eyesBut I feel the rhythm of your bodyClose to mine.Its the way we touch that sends meIts the way we'll always beYour kiss, your pretty smile you know I'd die forOh baby, your all I need

*tears can fall and eyes could parched perpetually.
*memories can fade and overlook you
*bodies will be worn out and everything will diminish
but the love you and I encompass will blaze for eternity.


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