Monday, August 07, 2006

When all hell breaks loose.....

MMDA naman oh!!
Kanina, when we were going home, as usual dumaan kami sa shortest possible shortcut pauwi sa bahay namin. Eh umulan kanina ng matagal edi yun expected na baha pero naku sobra when we were passing talagang parang nagkaroon ng mini-river sa daan! And yung mga canals, naku you wouldn’t even notice na meron noh. Why? Kasi lang naman, water’s overflowing with it together with all the garbage and waste. As in kalevel na ang kalye (kung meron pa nga bang kalye) ang tubig-baha. Grrr.. tas mga ibang kaskasero na driver, sobrang bilis pang magpatakbo. Kawawa tuloy yung mga very unfortunate not to have mga windows or yung di lang nila nasara in time.

*whatever happened to the drainage system of angeles city?*

UPCAT disappoints me!

Whei, never thought I’d say this but “why is upcat like that?” totally way below than what I expected it to be. Oh, I dunno. Im not going to say it’s easy because it’s not but it’s not that hard either. Maybe have I taken it during my freshman year, I would have been able to answer most of the questions. It’s not as complicated as I expected to be. Whush. Now if only my wrongs aren’t that many,,,,,,,,,, I may have a chance. You see people, I didn’t leave any number BLANK. That’s because im not a loser who takes my chances that im just gonna all leave it to fate. I would rather have all my mistakes than to leave them blank knowing I could have answered it. Anyway, it’s 50-50 chance for me.

Nescafe… for your midnight reviews.
Started reviewing for my periodic test only at 7pm. Five minutes into it made me realize that I haven’t slept normally since Friday and it’s effect is taking its toll on me now. I initially planned to start reviewing math since it’s the hardest subject for a dummy like me but I also understand that if I am to continue with such impossibility, I might need 3 days to even finish so move on to CA fil. Ok. Im really starting to get lazy na so to make the short story even shorter, I finished everything and eventually have to return to dear mama math. So, the very “pampatagal-oras” attitude went alive and kicking at the moment. I went outside to have my drug, my pain reliever, my sunshine in that gloomy night, a warm cup of Nescafe (naks, pwedeng commercial) so yun. In between drinks, thank god, finally math showed itself to me. haha. Oyun, I finished at 12:40 and then remembering what adier said to me, I placed my notebook under my pillow! Haha. At about 1am, consciousness left me. I actually planned to wake up at 4am but then I was just so tired, I woke up 5:30am. Haha.

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