Thursday, July 13, 2006

Forgotten love notes
Part 2

As I continue my life today, I find myself alone again.. and it’s raining! It is in this moments that I begin to question over and over again stuffs… things… memories.. Yeah I know it’s been countless times and still... it feels like im not going to put a stop to this. It’s so damn hard to let you just go! Well... not yet… for now. Im not ready to do so but perhaps, one day.

Can you experience the pain? Can you sense the anguish hidden in my heart? Can you feel the coldness you brought me now when you caressed my face? When im conscious, so many feelings are vividly on my mind. I tried to close my eyes and will myself to forget them but no, I cannot… because you put them there. To stay and let me feel.

You know you never left me. You never left my life. You were there when I dream of beautiful flowers, blue clouds and delightful butterflies. You are the first thing that I remember after I slumber. My last thought before drifting off to sleep. And even when I sleep, no you never depart… you were there… gazing at me. My dreams are always full of images of only you. Why is it that even in my sleep, you never let me rest? You said you were leaving me but you lied. So I run off to wherever but the effort was futile. Your face constantly haunts me and pursues me anywhere I go. why is there no escaping? why oh why??

I haven’t stopped crying since that day. The dirge that I felt at that time is still as intense as now. You know why? Just because.

And this is how I will always feel... I’d still give up tomorrow for our past, just that one past. I’ll be forever sorry. Forever sorry.

It’s still raining and this is how it will always be.

*I can’t continue any longer than this.. I think im gonna cry non-stop.. well what’s new? When it comes to you I always do..


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