Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Forgotten Love notes

How I wish I can make time flew back. Back to where everything can just stay frozen forever. I want to capture and savor every keepsake so I won’t be left alone when moments like these come. I want everything to stay just the way they are but sadly, that can never happen. All I can do is let these wonderful things slipped away. To let them leave me until even their shadow can’t be seen. All I can do is watch.. as little by little they eradicate whatever life and joy was left in me. All I can do is cry… as I let HIM walk out of my door, my life, my soul… and my life.

You’re there…but not really
I never really had you
So I never lost you..
I think this is how we shall always be..
I had you…
You had me…
But not really…

Memories of my once true love envelop me greatly today. A bittersweet feeling of everything we had together is coming in swirling circles and making me cry…. repeatedly for nth time. I can’t stop them. I know because I’ve tried. They just seem to be continuous.. Never stopping.. Never ending…

“So you will be going now
Starting on a journey far away
Your eyes will enjoy your trip
Many things you will behold
But I who will stay behind
Here in this four-walled room
What thoughts will I entertain?
Just looking at the roof
Just looking down at the floor
Missing every little piece of you
My heart shall forever be melancholy
For all the years that shall keep us apart”

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