Monday, July 24, 2006

ay naku... nothing new to post..
walang klase ngayon and i have 2 major test tomorrow... physics and math... tas UPCAT is getting nearer and nearer yet wala pa rin akong nirereview,,,, asa ko pa kasing pumasa ako dun noh!!!

well, eto nalang:

1. You are mostly known as? The girl who had long hair for as long as everyone remembered. Gaad what a reputation to uphold!

2. Most people think you are? well… I’d like to think that they think of me as kind and approachable but I think it’s the other way around eh..

3. Do you believe in soulmates? oh hell yes… I had already found mine! Though it isn’t really that type of quixotic soulmate!

4. Do you think love is always enough? Back then, when the world was young that could be the case but it’s just now I came to grasp the reality that love isn’t always enough.

5. Single or taken? im dangerously single!!

6. Are you still friends with your ex/s? before yes but now.. it’s not possible

7. Unforgettable letters that you ever received? Lots of them eh… from my friends down to those simple “practice later after class meeting place: mcdo”

8. Who is your biggest crush? chris tiu

9. First crush in college? yet to be realized!!

10. First favorite song? dami eh. Whatver flows in my mind

11. Favorite soundtrack?a walk to remember-made me cry a thousand times and counting

12. The latest band/singer that u like?like? Mabuhay ang OPM bands!!

13. Boy bands? When I was young.. I am in love with westlife!

14. Rock bands?refer to question no. 12

15. Give one word that best describes what you're feeling now?longing.

16. Person who is always there when you're bored? najee boo!!

17. Name 5 people you saw yesterday. najee, mariel, celine, mr. A, ryan

18. When you were little, what did you want to be? oh.. I simply wish to grow up..

19. Who did you last go out with? go out?? Well.. we did an ambush interview last week.. does that count?

20. Who was the last person to text you? dhoi.

21. What time did you sleep last night?12:30am

22. What's your happy thought? I know that the person who could make me happy will forever be with me-even if it’s just in my dreams.

23. What makes you happy? refer to question no. 22

24. What makes you sad? refer to question no. 22

25. What would you like to have right at this very second that seems totally impossible? refer to question no. 22

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