Thursday, February 03, 2011

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Eight ways to win your heart

1. Love Letters – long handwritten ones are the best; written in kawaii stationary and filled with honest declarations and mushy sweet nothings

2. Long Conversations – it doesn’t matter what we are talking about, it can be about world problems, Korean pop bands or making chichi about showbiz news for as long as we can stand each other for pretty much long time. Plus points if its sunset, sunrise or under the moon hahaha!

3. When he remembers insignificant things- In my high maintenance, stressing world, I find it sweet and touching if he sees those small things in me not because he knows I am watching but because he truly cares. (e.g. I tend to skip and jump of the last step in stairs, I always feel cold in cold rooms)

4. Surpise Visits – it means so much when a person surprises you, it means na nagtanong siya, nageffort na magresearch to look for you. It feels good that you don’t have to life a finger because when they really want to see you, they’ll see you.

5. True Colors- when the guy doesn’t put his best foot forward to impress and make himself look good.

6. Family Guy – When my brother and sister can joke around with him, he and mom are Farmville friends and can tolerate her loud mouth and when he finally stand in front of my dad with straight eyes, then he is the one!

7. Laughter – When the guy constantly makes me smile, laugh and bungisgis all the time, ALAM NA!

8. Good Boy All the time – Nothing better can win my heart than an all around good boy. All the things written above doesn’t matter if he is a God-fearing and God-Loving person.

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