Sunday, February 20, 2011

The heart's day post

My horoscope said that I should enjoy Valentine’s day. Quoting it, it said “Namnamin mo na ang Valentines na ito dahil hindi na mauulit pa ang ganito muli.” And though I was disappointed and yes, sad because this valentines again ended oh so cold romantically speaking, the college of nursing never failed to heat it up for me.

I was a staffer for the entire events of the IMPULZE (The UST College of Nursing's Valentine's Day celebration/65th year of it's foundation) and I tired myself pretty good! I was even a voice over for the dating game (where I should have been Mike’s date since I answered all the answers he liked!) pero FAIL padin. HAHAHA!

Loon and I decided to date for My Amnesia Girl but we arrived at the Med Audi (after me leaving it for like 15 mins to grab lunch around 5:30pm) with POINTEN performing! hahaha cute nila. One of the girls according to drei was FRENCH! FRENCH! OH MY GOODNESS!

I promised Lance I’d watch the nursing showtime since they were performing. And despite na last sila and almost 7:30 pm na ay waley pa ang number nila, I still waited and cheered my loudest for him! In fairness, HOT AND WILD ang number nila! HAVEY! hahaha and Later, he’d tell me he was the brain behind the concept. So proud of you! hahaha But I am also proud of my other friends who performed like Carlo (rear left) and GAMEFACE MUCH JED! (rear right) and okey, you also looked good being goofy Banzon!

and ofcourse they won the Php3k! yahoo!

and true enough, hinding-hindi ko nga makakalimutan ang valentines na ito! =)

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