Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Seryoso stuffs

Ok, this is like, the first ever blog entry I would seriously write for the past 3 months. It’s been a turbulent whirlwind catch of just about anything and everything.

Uhm.. life here in manila, (living here I guess) for the past 3 months have obviously turned my life upside down. From being that sosyalera and maarte and wouldn’t even do that yucky thing.. I have obviously changed. What with being electrocuted for the first time in the bathroom, having to wake up and finding out there no water, using a string for a flush and sleeping in an upper deck, and most of all, dealing with 5 completely different persons and personalities. It’s like I have finally saw and experienced a world that is very new to me. and I would like to believe that it is good for me since it really tested my whole persona and strength! What started out as one funny adventure eventually reared its ugly head and made it one of the “contrabidas” in my life (heehee. From too much teleseryes I guess). Hmmm.. its not that bad I guess,, for it also have its upsides and one of that is learning that everything will not always be laid out there for my comfort. I realize that at some points in our lives, we really have to go up and stand to be able to get what we really want. And as for me, that is to go on to my sophomore year and eventually be in the lower deck of our apartment! Haha.

Love actually

Reacting on someone’s blog entry, hmm.. i guess each of us naman is really and painfully waiting for that SOMEONE special in our lives. Don’t we? But like what she said, she’s having this addiction. An addiction to love and falling in love… well, we all know that addiction is bad right? Dependency is being obsessed over something we totally like. I believe na hindi naman mababaw ang reason why she’s having this addiction. I know what she has gone through and its not easy stuff I tell you people buttttttt, I also believe (as a future nurse) that this is so unhealthy. Craving for love can make you lose your right mind and wits and well, maybe settle for whoever’s there and obtainable at the moment. I know this is hasty generalization but it’s a safe stake. What else? hankering for this particular kind of love can shut your mind and heart from the other forms of love that is also as fulfilling and as loving as that particular love she’s obsessing with. My point? I guess there’s nothing can be done to cure this addiction since its psychological in nature but there’s something you can do to prevent it from taking greater control over your life and that is: REDIRECT YOUR FOCUS AND ENERGY IN MORE POSITIVE AND GRATIFYING ACTIVITIES. And if everything else still fails, call me and I’d get in touch with a psychiatrist.

Gusto ko ba talagang maging nurse?

Uh.. this question has been bombarding me for 10 years already.joke. well, now that first sem is almost dying,, this question is a very popular topic among the freshmen. Naku, with all the cut-off and stuffs, why wont it be a crowd favorite? I don’t know pero I think I should really ask myself this question seriously,, I mean, ok, im studying nursing at UST. The first question is why did I study in ust? That’s because ust is a center for excellence in nursing education. Good, correct and practical right? Next, why did you take up nursing? Uh-oh. Maybe because it’s the only practical and high-paying job we have here in this economically-challenged country. Correct right? But is it good? For me maybe. Practical? Definitely. I can now forsee hundred of green papers in my hand right now. Haha. Maybe because I want to be of service to sick people out there, boo screw that. It’s not practical but its correct and good. So I can find any decent reason to justify my nursing choice. Maybe it’s the challenge, yeah I guess it’s the challenge. The chance to test my limits again to make it to my sophomore year. Ho-hum. Maybe that’s correct, practical and good. Maybe not. Next, can I take the hardships and traumas nursing can bring? Sure I can endure all the happy moments nursing can bring but can I stand it when my future patients die? When I can do nothing at all to ease their pain? Seeing all their pain bodies and terrified eyes because they’re not sure when to be able to see light again? Can I carry a dead body, cover it with white cloth and be the bearer of the bad news to his/her loved ones? Can I? can I? just thinking about these things make me cry. Now the question still hangs, gusto ko ba talagang maging nurse? God please give me a sign.

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