Monday, June 25, 2007

oh my,, its been awhile since i last updated and wellwellwell,,, what can i say? ahaha,,

NOTHING! (kidding!)

anyways here's a mini update on my life today:

*im studying now at uste
*nursing ako.. pssshh i know :C
*im learning how to live with 5 other people and sleep in a bed not really mine
*how to stay till midnight in school uniform! haha (school pride!)
*i can now live on P1000 a week..well i have know,, haha
*i am currently discerning my orgs
*i have friends whe i thought i would be a loner for the coming days,,or years!
*i currently have 2 crushes,, and i have very close contact with them! yipee!
*chemistry kills... whaaa..
*i miss my mom
*i miss homecooked meals
*i miss CARLO. :C

haha..well that's pretty much about it, tada. see yah after the next chem. test

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