Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Tagalog feature whatnot

Ahaha… what a start, a laugh? Im pathetic haha there goes.

Im about to start again bombarding my blog with my stuff and my opinions of this wonderful world. Haayy.. wala bang pwedeng magawa??


Okey, im sipping nai chan. It’s premium Ceylon tea, creamy milk and caramel syrup. In short, milk tea ahaha. Well, the tea taste is very prevalent and the milk taste was nowhere to be found. I also failed to realize there are tea jelly at the bottom of my glass because they are super useless hah. Ok im not bashing here, I enjoyed it and im game for another one when I come back.

Dvd marathon started last week. I’ve been watching thrillers to scene stealers and they are just great. Im also starting to appreciate koreanovelas because they are just way better than what we have here. Oh, but I like “gulong ng palad” and “sa piling mo” although their plots are sooo predictable, I enjoy watching for the heck of it. And princess lulu!! It’s so comedy! Never fails to remind me that love can move mountains or a car for that reason. Wink wink!


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