Monday, April 10, 2006

Im doing this FAST haha..

Can I make kwento?? Buzz express jacq style


well, kanina kasi I was watching tv patrol… (walang connection this time around kaya pre-written na) then I catch the news regarding what happening sa Iraq and guess what?? Osama bin laden is alive pa pala.. I didn’t know that ah… kase may parang airplane na pinacrash dun by Al Quaeda, (spelling, spelling jacq) osama’s troop or group basta. Edi yun nagcrash na nga, those people… di pa nastatisfy… they dragged the burning body of the pilot daw while they were recording it on camera… it was soo sick… I mean what kind of people do that?? And this video was the one sent to the American government to let them know what horrible thing they did to their citizen.. actually, horrible isn’t enough to describe what they actually did..

and speaking naren of these atrocious incidents… I have a new favorite show.. S.O.C.O. or scene of the crime operatives… it’s like a documentary journal wherein pinapakita ang steps kung paano sinosolve ang mga crimes… it was fascinating talaga… I mean normal people would say na pag nakakita sila ng patay tas hindi alam who did it… it was a hopeless case na and it was a clean crime but now.. as in literally, they are working backwards, rewinding last events before the crime and using evidences found as their primary clues… yun lang… then talagang they catch the criminal.. parang they’re so galing… I think forensic or something then siya.. haayy. Wanna be like them but its hard work eh.. super… and it includes math not only one kind of math but lots of it so im the one with the hopeless case. Haha. And not only that, they show the actual pictures of the dead persons.. no takip or the slanting lines blurring the image blahs.. and considering na late night na yun… I get jitters talaga… most of those I watch eh decomposition stage na… eewww haha.. o get feaked out but sometimes lang yun… minsan im going to take pictures right from the tv then put them here so you could all share in my addiction… bwahhaha…

uhm anything else to say?? Sabi ko nga this is done in a hurry.. uhm…. Wala na ahhaa… trivia pala alam nio bang may ganitong date sa history of mankind?? 01:02:03 04/05/06 haha…. April 05 2006 at two minutes point three milliseconds after one o’clock.. and this happens only ONCE IN A LIFETIME TALAGA unless magtime travel like what doreamon have in the cabinet haha.. spilling too much infos jacq,,

sad ako.. cousin jhing is going to states wahaaaaa…. While im not!! Huhu..

haay.. babush na cge, jac caca!!

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